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What is the futures market?

In the Futures market,  contracts for certain standardized assets or merchandise (size and price) are negotiated. When starting a contract, the agreed price is known in advance to carry out an exchange at a certain future date (contract expiration date). The price of the futures contract is derived from a reference asset or an underlying […]

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How to select ETFs?

How to select ETFs among the 5,000? With more than 5,000 ETFs to choose from around the world, building a portfolio with ETFs requires the need to establish a framework for action that helps us in the task of how to select ETFs and what criteria must be taken into account to select the most […]

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Safe investments, myth or reality?

Surely the question you always ask yourself when making an investment has to do with the security of your savings, such as ” where to invest my savings safely?”. The truth is that, although in most cases the risk of your investment is low, we must start from the basis that 100% safe investments do […]

smart investing tips

What are the best time deposits to invest your money?

Many times it is not clear to you if what a fixed term deposit offers you is really what you are looking for. Maybe you don’t have enough information to value it. You should know that today, if what you want is to make your savings profitable, a fixed-term deposit is not the best product. […]